1. Next Sunday 22nd May, 2022 shall be our Covenant Day of Business and Career Breakthrough Service. It shall be broadcast live on our YouTube channel (Living Faith Church Basorun Ibadan), lfcbasorun.org.ng and Impact 92.5 radio station. Ensure you invite someone.
  2. Send the testimonies of the doing of the Lord in your life to lfcibadantestimonies@yahoo.com. Note: 2022 More Than A Conqueror door and car stickers are available at Dominion Bookstore, the monthly bulletin publication “God at work is also available”.
  3. Good News!!! Covenant Hour of Prayer holds tomorrow Monday through Friday. Time: 6am – 7am.
  4. Good News!!! Operation Change of Story enters the seventh week. Be reminded of the ongoing One Winner, One Soul, every week Prophetic Alert. We are all encouraged to engage with this prophetic alert for the next two Sundays, ensuring that at least one new soul comes along with us each Sunday. To this end, we shall be embarking on Change of Story Morning Prayer session for the next two weeks. This applies mainly to the aged, retirees, nursing mothers, those on vacation, everyone who could take time off their various businesses, etc. Time: 8-9.30am. Monday to Friday. Our Special Evening Crusade continues this Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th May, 2022. Time is 4:30pm. Note: Mass Evangelism comes up on Saturday 21st of May, 2022. Time is 8am. Always remember, that everyone shall be rewarded according to his or her labour. Therefore, expect to be rewarded with your 4-quantum leap of change of story in return for your labour in this ongoing operation.
  5. Welfare Outreach: Please be informed that our Welfare Outreach will now come up on Sunday 29th May, 2022. Nonperishable food items shall be required from those who can afford them. Financial seeds for the purpose of acquiring the needed materials for this outreach can be labeled and dropped during the offering time in Church services.
  6. Good News!!! The second edition of WOFBI training session for the year 2022 comes up on Monday, 20th June – Friday, 1st July, 2022. New members, new converts and everyone who is yet to undertake this course should plan to attend. Please Note That We Shall Run Basic Certificate Course (BCC). Rush for your forms now at the Information Centre. (Yoruba interpretation is available for the class). There is BCC Scholarship for new converts and those who join this Church from January, 2022 till date.

Jesus is Lord…

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