Kingdom Teens

Secure their future

Impart Godly values

Help them find their purpose

Today’s teenager face new challenges. We believe God’s eternal truths solve them.

Our teenager should experience God’s freedom – both spiritually and physically. That’s why we are committed to bring the truth of the Word of God to this generation in ways that apply to them. Armed with the powerful truths of God’s promises, our next generation can rise to the challenge and conquer their world for Christ.

Our mission is to raise responsible citizens and visionary leaders that contribute to society and change their world for Christ.


Meeting every Sunday

This is a camp for raising giants.  A group of vibrant teenagers who let the fear of the Lord be their guide and are not afraid to talk about Jesus everywhere they go. Using media and the latest technologies, they are better exposed and positioned to affect their world and bring many to Christ. Guiding our teens is such a great privilege.