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World Mission Agency (WMA) is making significant contributions to education in Nigeria. It established the Faith Academy in 1999, a model Christian college geared towards raising pupils with a testimony of academic excellence and spiritual prowess. The Academy’s working team is made up of carefully selected, spirit-filled professional men and women of proven integrity and outstanding teaching, administrative and technical capabilities. Their overall objectives are to help each child discover his or her purpose, realize their potential, nurture their latent abilities and become not only productive and fulfilled citizens but to be pacesetters in all areas of life.

In addition to the above, the network of nursery and primary schools, called Kingdom Heritage Model Schools were established in 2003 across the cities of Nigeria and some other African nations. The overall objectives are to help each child discover his or her purpose, release his/her potentials, nurture their latent abilities to become not only productive fulfilled citizens, but to be pace-setters in all areas of life.

In 2002, World Mission Agency, in a graphic demonstration of its commitment to the provision of education at all levels, established Covenant University (CU). Of note is the fact that seasoned Christian intellectuals and professors with proven academic excellence and international acclaim make up the faculty of the University. The university was in 2005 adjudged the best private university in Nigeria. In addition to other distinctions and awards on the university, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, the university has been named as NEPAD bioinformatics research centre. In July 2006, Covenant University graduated its pioneer students.

The premises of Covenant University is an array of architectural master pieces consisting of the largest Centre for Learning Resources (university library), college buildings, a 3,000 seat capacity Student Chapel, Professors’ Village, Staff quarters, Students Halls of residences, etc.